The Vineyard Baseball Park at MVRHS

How a dream became a reality........

The field construction began in 2005 with the granting of the use of land to Vineyard Baseball, INC by the MVRHS School Commitee. Volunteers (John Nelson, Matt Crowther, and Gary Simmons) first had to remove tons of steel, concrete, construction materials, and a 40 foot trailer, from the future field site.

Generous discounts and donation of labor by John Keene, Watercourse Construction, and Richard Olson got the wooded area cleared. The pictures below provide a sequence of the construction process.

It is important to understand that every step of the way, volunteers donated their time. Once Vineyard Baseball, INC became an official non-profit organization in 2006, fundraising became a year round activity.

We organized golf tournaments, horse racing nights, raffles, and banner sales to build and maintain the field. We are most proud of the fact that we were able to build such a quality facility that 3 Cape Cod League games took place at the Vineyard Baseball Park at MVRHS. These events brought national notoriety to our park, with such big leaguers like Jackie Bradley, Jr. playing here.


Over time the field became a first class high school baseball facility. Only 2 full size baseball fields exist on MV.

We built this field so that players like Tad Gold (Aberdeen Ironbirds) and Jack Roberts (Williams College) would have a great field to play on. The field was so nice that it attracted the Carminucci Sports Group to contact Gary Simmons about possibly bringing a collegiate level baseball team to MV. Over the next 2 years Gary worked with Chris Carminucci to bring the MV Sharks to a reality. Once the Sharks were a sure thing, the Futures Collegiate baseball League (now 9 teams), was born. Future Vineyard Baseball players now have the opportunity to play at home during their collegiate years. It is all due to many volunteers working so hard over the years.


 Here are some pictures taking the project along its various stages.

Areas cleaned up by the project committee in order to build the field on the site.

Future center field


Clearing the trees and stumps

Finally the site was cleared and topsoil screened.

Grading the subgrade, home plate (left)

Looking toward home from the right field seats (left).

Right field looking toward the infield

Third base and first base dugout areas

The view from the backstop

The infield mix and irrigation are in.

The sod begins !!!!!!!!!!!

Fencing poles are set and warning track is laid in.


Our First Annual Movie Night event at the field of dreams.

Summer 2007

We showed "Fever Pitch"

Big Max provided hot air baloon rides prior to the movie.

The first pitch at the Vineyard Baseball Park. (Zach Coutinho on the mound)






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